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Meet Midwest Center for Traffic Safety

A Place for Learning

Midwest Center for Traffic Safety began with a small, enthusiastic group that wanted a place for academics to meet and conversations about education to thrive. Today, our platform is full of diverse topics and engaging conversations covering all aspects of education. Get involved today to learn, share, connect and collaborate with our community.

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Our History

The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association was founded in 2009 by suburban law enforcement officers specializing in commercial vehicle enforcement. Together, they created a multi-disciplinary network of professionals who shared a vision to standardize and enhance professionalism in truck enforcement. Today, the ITEA stands 500 (+) members strong and continues to make strides in developing commercial vehicle enforcement standards, compliance training, and stakeholder networking building. The ITEA aims to increase roadway safety through collaboration, accountability, and robust communication.

In 2023, a new program, the Midwest Center for Traffic Safety, was formed under the umbrella of the ITEA. This program was set with the mission to expand from just commercial vehicles to all disciplines of traffic safety. 

Our organization is a 501c3 non-profit that relies on funding from private organizations to help us promote safe roads. Consider donating and helping us reach zero fatalities on our roads. 

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